UWM Atmospheric Science Senior places in WXChallenge

UWM Senior, Kyle Koval, finished fourth overall, and third among juniors and seniors, in this year’sWxChallenge collegiate weather forecasting competition. Given that the WxChallenge had over 2,000 participants this year, this is quite the remarkable achievement!

For his efforts, Kyle will receive a trophy and will have his name added to the roster in the WxChallenge “Trophy Room” under “2013-14 Season.” He now moves on to the end-of-year tournament, which runs over the course of the next four weeks.

For reference, Kyle’s normalized score over the entire ten city, twenty week competition was -3.55, signifying that his forecasts averaged over 3.5 standard deviations better than normal. Quite impressive!

Congrats, Kyle, and best of luck in the WxChallenge end-of-year tournament!