Jeb Willenbring

Professor; Graduate Program Chair
Mathematical Sciences - General

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Educational Degrees

  • PhD, University. of California at San Diego, 2000
  • BS, North Dakota State University, 1995

Research Positions

  • NSF VIGRE funding, Yale University, 2000-2003

Research Interests

  • Representation Theory
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Mathematical Physics

Selected Publications

Harris, Pamela E., and Willenbring, Jeb F.“Sums of squares of Littlewood- Richardson coefficients” Symmetry: Representation Theory and its AplicationsEd. Hunziker, Markus, and Howe, Roger. Springer. ().
van Groningen, Anthony, and Willenbring, Jeb F.“The cubic, the quartic, and the exceptional group G2” SpringerEd. Mson, Geoffrey, Penkov, Ivan, and Wolf, Joseph. (2014): 385–397.
Hero, Michael W., Willenbring, Jeb F., and Williams, Lauren K.“The Measurement of Quantum Entanglement and Enumeration of Graph Coverings” Contemporary Mathematics: Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics, American Mathematical Society557. Ed. Adams, Jeffrey, Lian, Bong, and Sahi, Siddhartha. (2011): 169-181.
Beder, Jay H., and Willenbring, Jeb F.“Invariance of generalized wordlength patterns” J. Statist. Plann. Inference139.8 (2009): 2706--2714.
Willenbring, Jeb F.“Stable Hilbert Series of $S(\frak g)^K$ for Classical Groups” Journal of Algebra314/2. (2007): 844-871.
Enright, Thomas J., and Willenbring, Jeb F.“Hilbert Series, Howe Duality and Branching for Classical Groups” Annals of Mathematics159.1 (2004): 337-375.

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