Eric Key

Professor Emeritus
Mathematical Sciences - General

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Educational Degrees

  • PhD, Cornell, 1983
  • MA, Cornell, 1980
  • BA magna cum laude, Cornell University, 1977

Selected Service and Projects

  • Senior Scientist on Milwauke Mathematics Partnership grant.
  • Co-director of Actuarial Sciences program.
  • Developed curriculum of Math 094 and combined Math 095/105
  • On Parrondo's paradox: How to construct unfair games by composing fair games. ANZIAM Journal(2006) 47, 495--511, with D. Abbott and M. M. Klosek
  • On the number of Records in a IID Discrete Sequence. J. of Theoretical Probability(2005) 18, No. 1, pp 99--108.
  • A Painless Approach to Least Squares. The College Mathematics Journal (2005) 36 (1), 65--67.

Selected Publications

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