Craig Guilbault

Mathematical Sciences - General

Web: Personal Website

Educational Degrees

  • PhD University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1988
  • BS, Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin, 1982

Research Interests

  • Geometric Topology
  • Geometric Group Theory

Selected Service and Projects

  • Co-organizer of UWM Topology Seminars
  • Co-organizer of Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology (1991 – Present)
  • Editor of the journal Topology Proceedings
  • Member of the Steering Committee for the Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference

Selected Publications

Guilbault, Craig R., Healy, Brendan B., and Pietsch, Brian. “Group boundaries for semidirect products with Z” Groups, Geometry, and Dynamicsto appear. (): 49 pages.
Guilbault, Craig R., and Moran, Molly A.“Coarse Z-boundaries for groups” Michigan Mathematical Journalto appear. (): 25 pages.
Guilbault, Craig R., Moran, Molly A., and Schreve, Kevin . “Compressible spaces and EZ-structures” Fundamenta Mathematicae256.1 (2022): 47-75.
Guilbault, Craig R., Calcut, Jack S., and Haggerty, Patrick V.“Extreme nonuniqueness of end-sum” Journal of Topology and Analysis14 (2022), no. 2.2 (2022): 461-503.
Guilbault, Craig R., and Gu, Shijie. “Compactifications of manifolds with boundary” Journal of Topology and Analysis12.4 (2020): 1073-1101.
Guilbault, Craig R., Geoghegan, Ross, and Mihalik, Michael . “Non co-compact group actions and pi_1-semistability at infinity” Canadian Journal of Mathematics 72.5 (2020): 1275-1303.
Guilbault, Craig R., Geoghegan, Ross, and Mihalik, Michael. “Topological properties of spaces admitting a coaxial homeomorphism” Algebraic & Geometric Topology20. (2020): 601-642.
Guilbault, Craig R., Moran, Molly, and Tirel, Carrie. “Boundaries of Baumslag-Solitar Groups” Algebraic & Geometric Topology19.4 (2019): 2077-2097.
Guilbault, Craig R., and Tinsley, Frederick C.“Manifolds that are inward tame at infinity” Pacific Journal of Mathmatics288.1 (2017): 87-128.
Guilbault, Craig R.“Ends, shapes and boundaries in manifold topology and geometric group theory” "Topology and Geometric Group Theory"184. Ed. Lafont, Jean-Francois, Leary, Ian J., Davis, Michael W., and Fowler, James. Berlin : Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (Springer). (2016): 45-125.
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