Craig Guilbault

Mathematical Sciences - General

Web: Personal Website

Educational Degrees

  • PhD University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1988
  • BS, Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin, 1982

Research Interests

  • Geometric Topology
  • Geometric Group Theory

Selected Service and Projects

  • Co-organizer of UWM Topology Seminars
  • Co-organizer of Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology (1991 – Present)
  • Editor of the journal Topology Proceedings
  • Member of the Steering Committee for the Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference

Selected Publications

Guilbault, Craig R., and Moran, Molly A. “Coarse Z-boundaries for groups.” Michigan Mathematical Journal accepted for publication. 25 pages.
Guilbault, Craig R., Calcut, Jack S., and Haggerty, Patrick V. “Extreme nonuniqueness of end-sum.” Journal of Topology and Analysis. 33 pages.
Guilbault, Craig R., and Gu, Shijie. “Compactifications of manifolds with boundary.” Journal of Topology and Analysis 12.4 (2020): 1073-1101.
Guilbault, Craig R., Geoghegan, Ross, and Mihalik, Michael. “Topological properties of spaces admitting a coaxial homeomorphism.” Algebraic & Geometric Topology 20. (2020): 601-642.
Guilbault, Craig R., Geoghegan, Ross, and Mihalik, Michael. “Non co-compact group actions and pi_1-semistability at infinity.” Canadian Journal of Mathematics 72.5 (2020): 1275-1303.
Guilbault, Craig R., Moran, Molly A., and . “Proper homotopy types and Z-boundaries of spaces admitting geometric group actions.” Expositiones Mathematicae 37.3 (2019): 292-313.
Guilbault, Craig R., Moran, Molly, and Tirel, Carrie. “Boundaries of Baumslag-Solitar Groups.” Algebraic & Geometric Topology 19.4 (2019): 2077-2097.
Guilbault, Craig R., and Tinsley, Frederick C. “Manifolds that are inward tame at infinity.” Pacific Journal of Mathmatics 288.1 (2017): 87-128.
Guilbault, Craig R. “Ends, shapes and boundaries in manifold topology and geometric group theory.” "Topology and Geometric Group Theory" 184. Ed. Lafont, Jean-Francois, Leary, Ian J., Davis, Michael W., and Fowler, James. Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (Springer), (2016): 45-125.
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Guilbault, Craig R. “Some compact contractible manifolds containing disjoint spines.” Topology 34. (1995): 99-108.