Suzanne Boyd

Associate Professor
Mathematical Sciences - General

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Educational Degrees

  • PhD, Mathematics, Cornell University, August 2002
  • MS, Mathematics, Cornell University, August 1999
  • BS, Applied Mathematics, University of Missouri at Rolla, May 1997

Research Positions

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Indiana Universy, 2003-2006
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, SUNY, Stony Brook, 2002-2003

Research Interests

  • Dynamical Systems in Several Complex Variables, AMS MSC 37,32;
  • Computer-assisted proof techniques, AMS MSC 65.

Selected Service and Projects

  • Co-organizer, 2008 Annual Spring Topology and Dynamical Systems Conference
  • Co-Developer, Dynamics Explorer, (detool for short), is a tool designed to let users explore dynamical systems, particularly focused on enabling mathematicians to improve the efficiency and quality of their research in the field of complex dynamics.

Selected Publications

Boyd, Suzanne, Guirao, Juan L., and Hero, Michael. “On diffeomorphisms of compact 2-manifolds with all nonwandering points being periodic.” International Journal of Bifurcations and Chaos 25.14 (2015).
Boyd, Suzanne H., and Henriksen, Christian. “The Medusa algorithm for polynomial matings.” Conformal Geometry and Dynamics, AMS 16. (2012): 161--183.
Boyd, Suzanne H., and Schulz, M. J. “Geometric limits of Mandelbrot and Julia sets under degree growth.” International Journal of Bifurcations and Chaos 22.12 (2012).
Hruska, Suzanne L., and DeMarco, Laura. “Axiom A polynomial skew products of C^2 and their postcritical sets--errata.” Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 31.2 (2011): 631--636.
Hruska, Suzanne L., and Roeder, Roland. “Topology of Fatou Compmonents for Endomorphisms of CP^2.” Fundamenta Mathematicae 210. (2010): 73-98.
DeMarco, L., and Hruska, Suzanne L. “Axiom A polynomial skew products of C^2 and their postcritical sets.” Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 28.06 (2008): 1749-1779.
Hruska, Suzanne L. “Rigorous numerical models for the dynamics of complex Henon mappings on their chain recurrent set.” Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 15.2 (2006): 529-558.
Hruska, Suzanne L. “A numerical method for proving hyperbolicity of complex Henon mappings.” Foundations of Computational Mathematics 6.4 (2006): 427-455.
Hruska, Suzanne L. “Rigorous numerical studies of the dynamics of polynomial skew products of C^2.” Complex Dynamics: Twenty-Five Years After the Appearance of the Mandelbrot Set, American Mathematical Society. Contemporary Math 396. (2006).
Hruska, Suzanne L., Buzzard, G., and Ilyashenko, Y. “Kupka-Smale theorem for polynomial automorphisms of C^2 and persistence of heteroclinic intersections.” Inventiones Mathematicae 161.1 (2005): 45-89.
Hruska, Suzanne L. “Constructing an expanding metric for dynamical systems in one complex variable.” Nonlinearity 18.1 (2005): 81-100.

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