Math Circle @UWM

Math Circle Logo Combined2The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Math Circle is a weekly enrichment activity for students interested in mathematics in grades 5-12 organized by the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences at UWM.

The sessions are devoted to informal problem solving activities. We do different problems each week, so you can join any time. The focus is on solid mathematical arguments, generalizations, and posing new problems. We also play many mathematical games and analyze their strategies. Meetings are every Wednesday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm in Room E424A on the fourth floor of the Engineering & Mathematical Sciences (EMS) Building at the UWM campus. Participation is free for all students.


To give you a taste of what we do, consider the following question:

How many squares are there on a standard 8×8 checkerboard?
(Hint: the answer is not 64.)

Math Circle Squares

What would your answer be for a 1000×1000 checkerboard? Does the figure below help you to find the answer? What if you also allow ‘slanted’ squares?

Math Circle Squares2

For more information, please contact Gabriella Pinter.

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