July 2017 Mathematical Sciences People in Print

Associate Professor Clark Evans and Distinguished Professor Paul J. Roebber are recognized for their publication with their co-advised M.S. Student: The Influence of PBL Parameterization on the Practical Predictability of Convection Initiation During the Mesoscale Predictability Experiment (MPEX). Weather and Forecasting, 32(3), 1161-1183 (2017). 
Clark Evans explains, “In this study, we sought to quantify how variation in the numerical treatment of small-scale, near-surface atmospheric processes influences a numerical weather forecast model’s ability to accurately forecast thunderstorm formation. Such variation did not significantly change when and where model-forecast thunderstorm events occurred for the cases studied, but it did result in large variability in how many model-forecast thunderstorm formation events occurred”.

Professor Sergey Kravtsov is recognized for his publication: Pronounced differences between observed and CMIP5 simulated multidecadal climate variability in the twentieth century, in Geophysical Research Letters, N. Diffenbaugh, (Ed.).

*Originally noted in College of Letters & Science InFocus Newsletter.