Dual Master’s Degree

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at UWM and the Department of Technomathematics of Fachhochschule Aachen (FHA), Germany  have recently created a Dual Master’s Degree Program in Mathematics. The main objective of the dual master’s program in mathematics is to enable students to acquire the learning experience in an environment different from their home institutions. Since they will have a degree from each country their employment opportunity will increase. They also will be able to provide feedback on the teaching and the learning techniques of their host institutions. Such exposure will broaden their outlook on the possible applications of mathematics for success in real life.

The program is designed in such a way that a typical student will be able to complete all the course requirements within a two-year time period. Within this program students can choose courses that will allow them to concentrate in the areas of Statistics, Numerical Analysis, or General Mathematics. The students enrolled in this program will be able to earn Masters degrees from both institutions upon completion of the common course requirements.

Both institutions agree to accept each other’s qualified graduate students each academic year to pursue the MS in Mathematics degree as participants in the Graduate Dual Degree Program (GDDP). Accepted students will enroll in the host institution’s degree program as regular full-time graduate students. Students will be required to meet all host institution requirements to remain in good standing within the GDDP during the duration of their studies at the host institution.

Complete information on admission policy and graduation requirements is available in the attached document. See …