Graduate Student Colloquium: Mr. Kushlam Srivastava

EMS Building, Room E495 E495; 3200 N Cramer St., Milwaukee

Structure-Randomness and The Green-Tao Theorem Mr. Kushlam Srivastava PhD Student University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee In this talk we will give a brief introduction of the dichotomy between structure and randomness in the context of Szemeredi's Theorem and the celebrated... Read More

Colloquium: Dr. Alex Hening

EMS Building, EMS E495 3200 Cramer St, Milwaukee

  A General Theory of Coexistence for Stochastic Populations Dr. Alexandru Hening Assistant Professor of Mathematics Texas A&M University One of the longstanding, fundamental problems in population biology is understanding the coexistence of multiple interacting species. In order to accurately... Read More