Certificate in the Business of Media & Film Studies

Students planning a career in media, marketing, or film, need a blend of knowledge and skills not traditionally found in one single program. To transition successfully to the profession, students need media literacy, an ability to understand and work within a global media culture, flexibility to adapt to emerging platforms, and crucial business skills such as accounting, marketing, and management.

The Certificate in the Business of Media & Film Studies (BMFS) combines courses that cover each of these facets of the profession. As a mark of its interdisciplinary nature, the Certificate is jointly awarded by the College of Letters & Science and the Lubar College of Business.

The BMFS certificate is designed to increase the marketability, employability, and flexibility of its graduates through a curriculum grounded in both the humanities and business. Employer surveys have increasingly shown the value they place on well-rounded employees who have both critical thinking and practical skill sets.

Students in the program will take classes in:

  • the themes and components that make up film and television
  • the foundations of business administration (accounting, management, and marketing)
  • the cultural aspects of business practices
  • advanced marketing as it applies to film and media

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