Welcome to Assistant Professor Arjun Saha

We are happy to announce that Assistant Professor Arjun Saha will join UWM Chemistry & Biochemistry as faculty in Fall of 2022. Dr. Saha conducts research in the field of computational chemistry and biophysics. His research interests involve development and application of novel computational chemistry tools/approaches to gain fundamental understanding of remarkable biological processes and their relation to complex diseases. His research group aims to design small molecules either to inhibit or to enhance particular biological function facilitating drug discovery for cancer and nondegenerative diseases (e.g., Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia). To achieve this goal, his research group will implement state-of-the-art computer aided drug discovery techniques in collaboration with medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, and experimental biophysical research groups (both in academia and in pharmaceutical industry). Particular research focus in Dr. Saha group will include three following areas: (1) Understanding protein misfolding through machine learning and large-scale molecular dynamics simulation. (2) Design of covalent inhibitors for ubiquitin proteasome system through computational enzymology. (3) Understanding mechanochemical process in motor proteins through electrostatic-enhanced coarse-grained molecular dynamics.