Aldstadt, Joseph

Associate Professor
Chemistry - Analytical


PhD, Ohio University

Research Areas

Our research encompasses studies of analytical instrument design, method development, and environmental chemistry. We are currently studying:

  • Multi-detector designs for Sequential Injection Analysis (UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy, amperometry, proton NMR) for characterizing complex organic compounds in soils (e.g., humic acids) and "drugs of abuse" (e.g., amphetamines);
  • Elemental techniques (GF-AAS, ICP-MS) for better understanding the speciation, transport, & fate of select metals (As, Pb, Hg) in environmental solids (soils, sediments, and biota);
  • Long-pathlength approaches to molecular absorbance spectroscopy using a novel instrument (Photon Trapping Spectroscopy).

Related publications:

  1. J.H. Aldstadt, P. Geissinger, B.A. Ruddy, J.C. Woehl, and J.A. Frost. "Variable pathlength photon trapping spectrometer", U.S. Patent & Trademark Office #9013700 (April 2015).
  2. D.T. Qadah and J.H. Aldstadt. "Determination of aromatic arsines in environmental solids by direct thermal desorption gas chromatography”, Analytical Letters 2018, 51, 1321-1334.
  3. T.J. Trinklein, M. Thapa, L.A. Lanphere, J.A. Frost, S.M. Koresch, and J.H. Aldstadt. “Sequential injection analysis coupled to on-line benchtop proton NMR: method development and application to the determination of synthetic cathinones in seized drug samples”, Talanta 2021, 231 (published on-line May 2021).