Chemistry Donation Helps Create Masterpiece

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry donated glassware to Sophmore, Lionel Rocheleau, an Arts major at the UWM Peck School of the Arts. He used the glassware to created a project which represents how science and nature can support each other. The glassware, along with natural, raw wood was used to invoke elements and themes of nature.

Rocheleau states, “In my piece, I wanted to explore the importance of science not only in my life but in everything around us. To emphasize this, I created a small chemistry set inside a typical, wooden box. Throughout the box, however, you will notice various pieces of wood (from a tree) used as supports for its construction. This is to represent how nature and science go hand-in-hand to support one another. Science is what helps us understand the world around us and it is often seen as something separate. Science is, in fact, essential to our everyday life. As we move towards a future with more technology advancements, it is essential to recognize the existence of this connection to understand what we are and where we may go as human beings.”

We are glad we could help Lionel create such a masterpiece. Well done!