Chemistry Building Working Rules for COVID-19

Publication by Alejandro Boscoboinik was selected as Chemical Communications HOT Article

“Measuring and modelling mechanochemical reaction kinetics” authored by Alejandro Boscoboinik, Dustin Olson, Heather Adams, Nicholas Hopper and Wilfred T. Tysoe was selected as one of the most interesting articles published in Chemical Communications based on significance, impact, and quality. Abstract:… Read More

Writing the GRE General Test in Bangladesh written by Md Mohiminul Islam published in Science

An eLetter from Md Mohiminul Islam “Writing the GRE General Test at home: perspective of Bangladesh” was published at Science online. The contribution explains the situation of writing the GRE test at home in Bangladesh during the time of COVID-19.

A New Building for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

On August 23, 2018, the Board of Regents approved the UW System’s capital budget recommendations for 2019- 21, which largely focus on renovation, repair, and replacement of aging or obsolete facilities. Included in the recommendation was a new building to… Read More