16th Annual UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium Highlights

Sixteen undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry students presented their work at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. The symposium celebrates the collaborations of our undergraduate students with our research-active faculty and staff across all of our schools and colleges.

Preston Burdett was awarded Outstanding Presentation Award for the poster presentation A Qualitative and Quantitative Study: Exploring Anxiety in Undergraduate Level Chemistry Courses. Below are the following students who presented:

Mira Beranek – mentor Prof. Murphy

Grace Wheeler – mentor Prof. Arnold

Alexis Peterson – mentor Prof. Peng

Michael Owens – mentor Prof. Arnold

Anna Evans – mentor Ethan Kub

John Brzezinski – mentor Prof. Peng

Grace Feucht – mentor Prof. Mirza

Kyle Price and Samuel Tarman – mentor Prof. Silvaggi

Julia Jakusz – mentor Prof. Peng

William Neuberger – mentor Prof. Pacheco

Joseph Parlier – mentor Prof. Pacheco

Nicholas Cavaliero – mentor Prof. Mirza

Zoe Wardle – mentor Prof. Frick

Emma Stutler – mentor Prof. Arnold