UWM Anthropology faculty and students collaborate on an international publication

Tracey Heatherington co-edited a forum on “Anthropologists Witnessing and Reshaping the Neoliberal Academy” published in volume 6(1) of ANUAC, the journal of the national association of Italian cultural anthropologists. Heatherington collaborated with Filippo Zerilli, an Associate Professor at the University of Cagliari, Italy, to bring together essays discussing the impacts of changing policies and trends in public higher education in Europe and America. The collection is available online: http://ojs.unica.it/index.php/anuac/issue/view/86.

In this forum, our PhD students Alexis Jordan and Shaheen Christie contributed an important paper on “The Graduate Student Experience in the Neoliberal Academy”, which also documents their vital participation in advocating for the future of academic freedom and “the Wisconsin Idea”. You can read their article here: http://ojs.unica.it/index.php/anuac/article/view/2984. Congratulations, Alexis and Shaheen!