PhD Student Josh Rivers Receives Fulbright for Ethnographic Fieldwork with CCP Games

PhD Student Josh Rivers has been awarded a Fulbright student award for his Dissertation project, Caretaking of Cyberspace: CCP Games and Symbiosis in EVE Online.

Here is a brief description of his project:

As digital platforms have solidified their place within broader social life, questions surrounding the role of their architects loom large. Accordingly, this project will delve into the history and current state of one such architect’s (CCP Games) approach to its role as the “current caretaker” of their platform, EVE Online, in order to chronicle a unique institutional approach to ethics while contributing to broader knowledge about the complex interactions between human societies and institutions.

Alongside other fellowships and awards, Josh will be using these funds to delve into ethnographic fieldwork with CCP Games starting in late August. Stay tuned for updates on Josh’s research!