Midwest Archaeological Conference comes to La Crosse

By Aislinn Sanders



The MAC conference went fantastically and over 20 current and former UWM personnel were present to honor Bob Jeske’s long and distinguished career. Our many sessions and symposia were well-attended and received great feedback. Please enjoy this slide show from the conference!

The Midwest Archaeological Conference will be held at the La Crosse Convention Center October 13th-15th. This year’s theme is Sharing Perspectives, and professions, students, and hobby archaeologists are welcome to share their ideas and research perspectives from their recent works. Events include a reception, optional Mississippi River cruise, student workshops, field trips, symposia, panel discussions, and a banquet. The full information for this year’s event is available here (https://www.midwestarchaeology.org/annual-meeting/upcoming).

UWM will be showing up in a big way for this year’s conference – by way of over 20 current and former students, faculty, and employees involved in paper presentation and event organization and facilitation. UWM-associated presenters include Bob Jeske, Lynne Goldstein, John Richards, Bettina Arnold, Jean Hudson, Emily Middleton, Rick Edwards, Seth Scheider, Brian Nicholls, Bill Balco, Jean Hudson, Emily Middleton, Laura Monahan, Sam Mills, Amy Klemmer, Kat Sterner, Jackie Pozza Reisner, Arik Scapeletto, Jody Clauter, Tania-Lee Milosavljevic, Rob Ahlrichs, Pete Geraci, Sara Pfannkuche, and Rebekah J. Gansemar.

This year, there will be a Festschrift symposium honoring Dr. Bob Jeske, professor emeritus, featuring papers presented by former students. In his career, Jeske published (or co-published) at least 29 research papers and articles and received a Distinguished Career Award from the Midwest Archaeological Conference in 2019. His episode of Ask a Professor can be viewed here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AsFK0HVmzg).

Here is a schedule of spotlight events:

Symposium — All Who Wonder Are Not Lost: The Bob Jeske Festschrift
Organizer: Richard Edwards IV (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)
Time: Part 1: Thursday afternoon (1:30-3:30; Room B3), Part 2: Friday morning (9:30 to noon; Room B4) and Part 3: Friday afternoon (1:45 to 4 pm; Room B4)

At the Crossroads: Archaeology and Public Outreach in Door County, Wisconsin
Organizers: Robert Jeske (Jeske Archaeological Consultants) and Randy Dickson
Time: Friday 9:30-11:30 am
Poster Location: Atrium

Silver Mound: The Source of Hixton Silicified Sandstone
Leaders: Danielle Benden & Ernie Boszhardt of Driftless Pathways, LLC
Schedule: Saturday October 15, 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm.

Student Luncheon Workshop — Bridging the Gap: Collaboration Among Professionals, Avocationals, and Descendant Communities
Organizers: Tania Lee Milosavljevic (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Lauren Brewer (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse), Benjamin Cross (The Ohio State University)
Time: 12:00 – 1:30 pm
Location: Room B4
Lunch provided for students who preregistered; everyone is welcome to attend

Rob Ahlrichs (Project Manager CHG)
Jaremy Cobble (Avocational Archaeologist)
Thomas Loebel (Assistant Director ISAS)
Bill Quackenbush (Ho-Chunk THPO)