Evolution to Revolution: Ancient Brews to Craft Brews

Friday, February 22 2019 6:00 pm

Event Organized by: Brew City MKE Beer Museum, Milwaukee County Historical Society


In partnership with the Anthropology Department at UW-Milwaukee, Brew City MKE will delve deeper than ever before, discussing and tasting what ancient brewing around the world may have been, and the current interpretations now being undertaken in the creative way that only American Craft brewers can produce.

Joining us in this discussion is Bettina Arnold, Professor in the Department of Anthropology at UW-Milwaukee; Josh Driscoll, PhD student and Ancient Brewing expert; John Degroote part Owner/Brewer of New Barons Brewing Cooperative; Corey Blodgett, head brewer of Gathering Place Brewing; Adam Thomas head of Barrel Operations/Brewer MobCraft Beer; Ryan Williams, PhD, Associate Curator & Professor of Anthropology, Head of Social Sciences/Integrative Research Center, at the Field Museum & University of Illinois at Chicago; and Eric Gutbrod, Draft & Vessel Cicerone will act as moderator.

Available for tasting/purchase during the event is truly a taste of the ancient world and craft brewing today:
New Baron’s Otis Kyutbier (medieval peasant beer, brewed with oats); Gathering Place’s Little Bjorn (brewed with Norwegian kveik yeast); MobCraft’s Ode Etta Sahti (Finnish-style ale brewed with spruce and juniper); Sprecher’s Shakparo (fire-brewed African style-ale); a selection of northern and temperate European brews based on archaeological evidence from the Bronze Age and pre-Roman Iron Age; and Off Color Wari (Chicha-style ale brewed for the Field Museum).

Admission to this World Class Panel Event is $7, Ancient Craft Brew Flight is available for an additional $13 (total for event and tasting is $20).