Ask a Professor! Ep. 3: The Political Crisis and Coup in Myanmar. Special Guest: Professor Ingrid Jordt

Ask a Professor! Ep. 3: The Political Crisis and Coup in Myanmar, with Professor Ingrid Jordt is now available to stream on our new videos page or simply click on the video link below! Hello everyone, welcome to Ask… Read More

New Course Spotlight: Games and Society – Anthro 140

Anthropology 140: Games and Society Course Description: Games and Society is a new course that serves as an introduction to the place of games in human society. This course examines several facets of this phenomenon, including: the anthropological foundations of… Read More

New Episode of Ask a Professor Now Available!

Ask A Professor! Ep. 2: The Life and Career of Archaeologist Robert Jeske is now available to view on our new Videos page! Or watch on YouTube by clicking here. In this episode we will ask Bob about how he… Read More

Now Accepting Applications for 2021 Archaeological Field School

Archaeology Field School

Professor Arnold helps The History Channel lay out the facts on ancient Celts

Professor Bettina Arnold helps the The History Channel lay out the facts about the ancient Celts in a recent online article. Click here to read the article! You can also read more about Professor Arnold and her research by visiting… Read More

Alum Dr. Brooke Drew Presents Research on Historic Cemetery in Indiana

UWM Anthro is pleased to share the following presentation by Alum Dr. Brooke Drew on the Bethel Cemetery in Indiana. Dr. Brooke Drew, Indiana State University, uncovers the methodology a team of experts and students used to name unmarked burials… Read More

Ask a Professor! Ep. 1: The Gamestop Phenomenon in Anthropological Perspective

In the first episode of Ask A Professor! we examine the GameStop Phenomenon with the help of Professor Thomas Malaby. Professor Malaby puts the phenomenon is anthropological perspective and we discuss several related topics like stock market ethics, modern ethnography,… Read More

Professor Jordt will join other Burma Experts in Virtual Flash Panel on Feb. 9th

Tuesday, February 9 2021 - Tuesday, February 9 2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Zoom Webinar

Ingrid Jordt will join other Burma and democracy experts to discuss the recent coup in Myanmar. Drawing on research from a book she is completing entitled, Karmic Kings: Pretenders to the Throne in Post-Independence Burma, Dr. Jordt will discuss how Burmese Buddhist ideas of power and sovereignty provide insight into unfolding contemporary events.

Tuesday, Feb. 9th @ 11 AM CST via Zoom Webinar

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Dr. Bettina Arnold Weighs in on Nebra Disk Debate

Dr. Bettina Arnold, a Professor of Anthropology at UWM is an expert in European Prehistory. She has recently weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Nebra Disk, a now famous metal artifact thought to be the oldest representation of the… Read More

UWM-CRM Excavations in the Spotlight

UWM-CRM Archaeologists Dr. Jennifer Haas and Dr. Seth Schneider were interviewed by CBS 58 news about their recent excavations at an Oshkosh golf course. Read the article and view the interview here