Guide to Textbook and Course Content Selection 

This guide provides a process for selecting textbooks that prioritizes student access and cost. Keeping in mind that the goals for textbook and course materials selection are quality, alignment with learning outcomes, and ongoing access, here are some considerations for… Read More

Success Strategy: YOU@UWM

UWM provides students with a number of excellent services to help them be successful. One new addition to UWM’s suite of support resources is the web-based platform YOU@UWM.  YOU@UWM provides students with information on academic success and well-being while also highlighting available campus resources. YOU@UWM… Read More

Data of the Week: The New Freshmen Retention and Graduation Dashboard

The New Freshmen Retention and Graduation dashboard is one of the interactive resources developed by UWM’s Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (OAIR). The key question that the dashboard can address for all students or for students in specific schools/colleges: What factors might align with student success, and what do those factors suggest about where we… Read More

Data of the Week: Student Survey

Last week the Student Success Center emailed a survey to all students at our three campuses. We’ve had 985 students respond, for a response rate of around 4%.  Students were asked about their experiences with academic coursework, campus resources, and campus communications, as well as their life circumstances and… Read More

Success Strategy: Online Workload

As a result of the transition to online instruction, advisors and administrators have had multiple reports from students that workload has increased significantly. To compensate for the loss of class time, instructors have added reading and writing assignments. While we… Read More

Data of the Week: Student Survey

This week, we launched a “pulse” survey to see how students are feeling about their UWM experiences in this new reality. We have only been collecting responses for a little more than a day, but some trends do seem to… Read More

Success Strategy: Persistence Action Team

Earlier this semester, a few of us visited the University of South Florida in Tampa, where we spent a day meeting with their student success specialists. We were particularly impressed by their “Persistence Committee,” which they launched in 2016 when… Read More

Data of the Week: The Re-Enrollment Dashboard

COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges for student success and retention. Taking action to ensure students re-enroll at UWM in Fall 2020 is a major emphasis. The re-enrollment dashboard is one of many interactive resources developed by UWM’s Office of Assessment and… Read More

Data of the Week: Using Canvas to Track Student Progress

Now that online teaching is in full swing, we need to make sure students stay engaged and make progress. One key tool at your disposal is Canvas itself, because it allows you to see if a student has been on… Read More

Success Strategy: Reaching Out When Teaching Online

Instructors are often in the best position to make an effective outreach to students. A personal note from you can make all the difference for an unengaged student, and given the massive changes they, and many of us, are facing… Read More