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Online Program Council

UWM’s Online Program Council is a network of faculty, staff, and administrators who are currently involved in the planning, implementation, and delivery of online degrees or certificates. Membership is composed of one or more representatives from every online degree or certificate program at UWM, as well as other faculty and staff interested in online programming. The Council is sponsored by the Provost’s Office, and is not a governance body. The Council co-chairs are currently Laura Pedrick and Diane Reddy.


The Council has three primary objectives:

  • Function as a community of practice to encourage adoption of best practices in online teaching and learning.
  • Facilitate sharing of information about online program development and delivery with respect to topics such as: student orientation and support, faculty development, technology, pricing, marketing and recruitment, etc.
  • Share expertise and provide peer support for faculty, staff, and administrators exploring new online programs


The Online Program Council typically meets monthly during the academic year. The  schedule for 2019-20 follows.  You can also download the 2019-20 Online Program Council Meeting Schedule here.

2019-20 Online Program Council Meeting Schedule

All sessions from 10:30 a.m.-noon in Lubar S250. (*NOTE: Meeting on April 3 to be held at CETL, Engelmann B73)

Date Topic
September 13
  • Online Summer (Dylan Barth)
  • Online Program Landscape: What You Need to Know (Laura Pedrick)
  • UWM Online Update (Laura Pedrick)
October 11
  • Planning for National Distance Education Week November 4-8 (Diane Reddy & Laura Pedrick)
  • Canvas & External Tools (David Delgado)
  • Engaging online students using various Canvas tools (Dylan Barth)
November 1
  • Update on workforce upskilling initiative (Sue Stalewski, Laura Pedrick, Amy Mangrich & Tanya Joosten)
  • Other topic, tbd
December 13
  • Update to CETL certificate review process and evaluation toolkit for programs (Dylan Barth)
  • Online Extracurricular Experiences/Groups (Chad Zahrt & Rebecca Hall)
  • Online International Collaboratives (Simone Conceicao)
February 14
  • DETA Center Research Results (Tanya Joosten)
  • Landscape Review: Research Articles on Online Program & pedagogy
  • UWM Teaching & Learning Symposium: Implications for Online Programs
March 6
  • Game-Based Instructional Materials (Mingyu Sun)
  • Adult Student Marketing (Laura Pedrick, Steve Strehlow, Tawney Latona)
April 3*
  • CETL Poster Session
May 1
  • Cool Tools
  • Other topic tbd


2018-19 Online Program Council Video Recordings

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How to Join

Contact Laura Pedrick if you would like to receive more information or join the Online Program Council listserv.