UWM’s academic programs form the backbone of the institution. Since the beginning of UWM, the program array has been thoughtfully developed through collaborative work involving the faculty, staff, and administration. As such, the programs offered by UWM represent the commitment to UWM’s mission to offer a balanced array of high quality undergraduate and graduate programs in basic disciplines and professional areas. The ultimate goal is to maintain the high quality of the programs to prepare students with the best possible outcomes to pursue their life goals.

As part of the strategic planning process, the Academic Programs initiative will draw from schools’ and colleges’ academic program plans to create an array of programs that align with new curricular areas as well as student demand and career opportunities, delivered in innovative formats that match the needs, preferences, and learning styles of students from a variety of backgrounds. See school and college academic plans for more details.

The thematic team on Academic Programs deliberated over a period of about one year and recommended the following actions as part of the strategic planning process:

  1. Develop novel degree and non-degree options at all levels, including programs that emerge from interdisciplinary research themes
  2. Develop combined BS/MS and MS/PhD programs and joint degrees within UWM and with other institutions
  3. Utilize emerging delivery modes (e.g. online/blended, Flexible Option, prior learning assessment, and simulation) to reach both traditional and non-traditional students
  4. Make course offerings more efficient by eliminating course duplication and developing new models to share instruction
  5. Market new programs