In December 2013, one of the Best Place to Work recommendations was to create a position of Special Assistant to the Provost for Conflict Resolution. That person was to solicit applications to a newly configured Ombuds Council, which would include members representing faculty, teaching, academic, non-academic, former UWM Ombudsman, and limited term appointment. Dr. Nadya Fouad applied for the Special Assistant position and started on August 18, 2014. The Ombuds Council is a group of UWM employees who are trained volunteers that function as the first level of contact to provide impartial and confidential conflict resolution services to UWM employees who are aggrieved or concerned about an issue.

Dr. Nadya Fouad holds thirty years of experience of developing the critical skills necessary for dispute resolution through training and involvement at various levels on campus. Dr. Fouad’s expertise comes from being a counseling psychologist with a multicultural focus which enables her ability to relate well to people and have an innate sense of fairness and respect for colleagues. She has served as an informal ombuds person in the School of Education for nearly 10 years, and has helped faculty, or units within the School, resolve conflicts. Her professional success and leadership style are based on an inherent commitment to valuing diversity, to developing and communicating a shared strategic vision and helping others reach their goals. Dr. Fouad has applied her research on the career decisions of women and underrepresented minorities in advocating for interventions that remove systemic barriers to their person success. In 1992, she served as a member of the Task Force on Gender Equity and wrote a proposal that resulted in the initiation of the campus-wide faculty mentoring program at UWM and served as the director for three years. The program is still alive campus and has expanded to include academic staff.


The UWM Ombuds Council is encouraging male faculty and staff to participate in the male allies workshop coming up on April 25. The link for registration is here.