UWM is committed to supporting the academic success of all students. Several Strategic Initiatives are highlighted below.

See UWM’s Student-Centric Strategies (updated December 2021)

Outstanding Learning Environment

See the:

December 16, 2021 Provost’s Office Strategic Update on Student-Centric Efforts

May 5, 2021 Provost’s Office Strategic Update on the Outstanding Learning Environment

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has long engaged in efforts focused on creating student success. As an access institution, significant efforts have focused on:

  • Recruiting a population that provides diversity in
    • race/ethnicity
    • socio-economic status
    • achievement and academic preparation
    • family background, e.g. first generation students
    • veteran status
    • nationality, and
  • Retaining students once enrolled and providing paths to satisfactory progress through the provision of
    • high impact practices
    • co-curricular activities that increase student engagement
    • innovative practices and diversified education delivery mechanisms
    • innovative financial support


Explore the resources below to learn more about UW-Milwaukee’s Outstanding Learning Environment:

Outstanding Learning Environment Outcomes & Goals (ranges)


Student Support

The University supports students from pre-college through to graduation.

  • Academic Advisors work with students to provide pathways for their academic career with access to various student resources to meet individual academic needs.
  • Students with physical, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities are able to receive accommodations through the Accessibility Resource Center.
  • Active Learning Classrooms foster increased engagement, peer relationships, retention, processing of information and student achievement. Extensive media infrastructure is built into the rooms in order to increase student engagement through interactive, collaborative learning with peers and intensive use of small group pedagogy.
  • Multicultural Student Centers provide holistic academic and culturally competent support that helps students succeed and feel that they belong.
  • UWM Academic Advisors use Navigate to incorporate predictive analytics and unlock insights about patterns of student success which allow earlier, more proactive, and more data-driven conversations with students.
  • The One Stop Student Services Center is a comprehensive site linking students to an array of campus services including registration and records, academic calendars and policies, financial aid and many other academic and administrative support services.
  • The Student Success Center connects UW-Milwaukee students to peers, faculty, staff, and resources throughout our campus community through Peer Mentoring, Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring, Success Coaching, and Academic Skill Development.
  • TRIO and Pre-College Programs provide participants and their families with information, support and academic services with the goal of increasing the number of diverse individuals who will complete their high school education and attend and graduate from college.
  • TRIO Student Support Services works closely with students to develop comprehensive collegiate and professional success skills.
  • The Writing Center provides assistance face-to-face and online in real-time to address students’ writing needs on any kind of writing project.
  • UWM Libraries provides space and resources to facilitate students’ learning experiences.
Past Student Success Summit (2020) and Student Transfer Retreat (2019) materials