The Office of Assessment & Institutional Research (OAIR) provides data and strategic analysis to help inform key initiatives and decision-making at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). OAIR strives to abide by the Association for Institutional Research’s “Statement of Ethical Principles”.

OAIR primarily serves the Division of Academic Affairs by:

  • providing data and analysis for the Provost’s Office and Enrollment Management leadership (e.g., enrollment projections, deep-dive analyses of enrollment)
  • providing analysis support for central diversity, equity, & inclusion efforts.
  • maintaining UWM’s official enrollment data.
  • providing general analytical tools for faculty/staff across UWM to analyze academic data (e.g., interactive dashboards and standard reports).
  • responding to standard/annual data requests for central initiatives (e.g., Moonshot for Equity, Equity Transfer Initiative, M-Cubed, Higher Education Regional Alliance, Chancellor’s Committee for Hispanic Serving Initiatives).
  • providing data for external surveys (e.g., U.S. News & World Report, World University Rankings).
  • providing data support for accreditation efforts.

In addition to serving Academic Affairs, OAIR supports UWM by:

  • working closely with UWM’s Business & Financial Services (BFS) to provide data support for annual budget meetings and joint projects.
  • being actively involved in UWM’s Data Governance and Custodial Committee (DGCC), Warehouse End-user Reporting Initiative Team (WeRit), and other university groups.
  • providing enrollment and curricular data and other information to the University of Wisconsin System.