Purpose of the Data Hub:

The Data Hub, launched in Spring 2016, serves as a repository for institutional reports—a one-stop shop where campus personnel can find data reports from various offices.

There are a variety of units at UWM that create information resources for campus use. Ferreting out who creates and produces what information can be daunting. The Data Hub serves as a single, catalogued, searchable repository that collects and consolidates information for greater access to critical information in a more timely and efficient manner.

By connecting data silos across campus, the Data Hub aims to:

  1. collect available data reports from various university units
  2. describe data reports with a customized metadata schema for institutional data
  3. provide a search interface so that users can easily browse and retrieve resources
  4. assist users to request ad-hoc or customized reports

Search the Data Hub

Reports can be searched by the department/unit creating the report, subject and data field, or by keywords. Each report includes a brief description and other information such as availability, frequency, data status, format, etc. You can also find a link or contact information to access the report.

Request a New Report

If there is no report related to your need, you may request a new report. All new report requests will be reviewed and forwarded to the most relevant unit. You will receive a confirmation email when the request is forwarded.

Submit a New Report

All schools/colleges/departments/units are encouraged to submit reports to the Data Hub. Submitting reports to the Data Hub makes them more visible and accessible to end users. All submissions are reviewed prior to posting and a confirmation email is sent when the report is published to the Data Hub site.