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M³ begins with the leadership of southeastern Wisconsin’s three primary public educational institutions: Dr. Keith P. Posley, superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools; Dr. Vicki Martin, president of Milwaukee Area Technical College; and Dr. Mark Mone, chancellor of UWM. The M³ initiative harnesses the power of these three institutions working together to enhance student success.

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Left to right: Keith P. Posley, superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools; Vicki Martin, president of Milwaukee Area Technical College; and Mark Mone, chancellor of UWM.
Left to right: Keith P. Posley, superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools; Vicki Martin, president of Milwaukee Area Technical College; and Mark Mone, chancellor of UWM.


M³ seeks to transform the future of Milwaukee through education. Through collaboration and coordination, MPS, MATC, and UWM will increase the retention, graduation and career success of our students and provide a prepared workforce and citizenry for the Wisconsin economy. M³ also will provide the education and resources to help drive an entrepreneurial mindset for all students to increase choices and opportunities for growth.

As a partnership among public institutions serving diverse populations, M³ strives to lift up individuals, improve the community and build the region’s diverse workforce pipeline.


The creation of a comprehensive, quality public education network that lifts our city and nurtures our students as they develop into the critical thinkers, strong leaders and innovators who will help Milwaukee thrive for decades to come. We will transform the way we educate students and make it easier for students to transition between our institutions.


Providing a quality education to as many Milwaukeeans as possible is a key to unlocking Milwaukee’s potential and driving economic growth and prosperity in the region. Providing access to a high-quality education, ensures the people in our community are prepared for good-paying jobs.

Milwaukee’s three largest public educators — Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) — have partnered to be key change agents by forming M³, known collectively as “M cubed.” The name, M³, reflects the exponential collaboration and leveraging of our three institutions to produce greater student success and career preparedness. The three partners share an important joint goal: To serve urban populations with an open access mission and philosophy.

Founded in the spring of 2015, M³ is dedicated to achieving student success in Milwaukee, from kindergarten through college. MPS Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley, MATC President Dr. Vicki Martin, and UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Dr. Mark Mone are the executive sponsors of the initiative and believe that marshaling the resources of their institutions can make a dramatic, positive impact on the greater Milwaukee community.

Leaders Message:

“M³ is a unique collaboration that lets the three largest public educational institutions in Milwaukee come together around a single goal of educating young people. When we work together and support one another, we can have a positive impact on the lives of our young people, which positively impacts the city. It’s going to take all of us working together to make sure our young people receive everything they need to be successful.” – Keith P. Posley

“We all have unique urban missions, but knew that if we worked together we could really leverage the resources of our three institutions. We have got to get the message out to the families and to those young people in our communities to know that they can have a better life and it is through education.” – Vicki Martin

“There is such enthusiasm, there is such passion. Many people are now asking: ‘Why have we not done this before? Why are we not invested in the joint efforts that it really takes for us to talk about curriculum alignment, parental involvement, scholarship opportunities, academic achievement and ultimately graduation and preparation for careers?’ I would argue that M³ is the most important educational initiative happening in southeastern Wisconsin, if not beyond.” – Mark Mone

2023 Impact Report

As you’ll read in this year’s Impact Report, our largest efforts are growing and yielding results:

  • College Connections helps students earn college credit.
  • FAFSA completion unlocks access to higher education after high school.
  • The Milwaukee Parent Institute helps families support their students.
  • Smart Start ensures more high school graduates follow through on their college plans.
  • Work-based learning helps students gain workforce knowledge and experience.

Download the full 2023 Impact Report (PDF)


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