Name Organization Role Email Goal Group
Vicki Turner UWM Project Manager, M-cubed
John Hill MPS Director, College and Career Readiness 1
Sophia Williams MATC Manager, Admissions and Assessment 1
Jean Salzer UWM Director, Career Planning and Resource Center 1
Darryl Hall MPS Family and Community Engagement Specialist 2
April Holland UWM Director, TRIO/Pre-College 2
Valencia Brown MATC Associate Dean, School of Pre-College Education 2
Jeremiah Holiday MPS Interim Chief Academic Officer 3
Sadique Isahaku MATC Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences 3
Phyllis King UWM Vice Provost 3
Jennifer Smith MPS Senior Director, Department of Curriculum and Instruction 3
Jonathan Feld MATC Director, Office of Articulation and Transfer 4
Dave Clark UWM Special Assistant to the Provost 4
Eric Radomski MPS Senior Manager, Career and Technical Education 4
Walter Lanier MATC Director, Student Advising and Multicultural Services 5
Laurie Marks UWM Executive Director, Center for Community Based Learning, Leadership and Research 5
LaNelle Ramey MPS Director, Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement 5