Campus Connection: Students are Navigating Substantial Personal Change

The Chancellor’s Student Success Work Group had four key findings, and earlier we discussed human connections and making connections with support opportunities. This time, we highlight their focus on the “substantial personal change” that our students are navigating. First year… Read More

Campus Connection: Making Connections with Support Opportunities

The Chancellor’s Student Success Work Group had four key findings; last week we provided an overview of the desire students expressed for more human connections. This week we focus on resources: “Students too often noted that even when they knew… Read More

Campus Connection: Human Connections

“Students want and need better human connections: An umbrella theme is that students desire and recognize a benefit from connections made with faculty, staff, older students, and peers.” Student Success Working Group, May 2019 Many students who participated in focus… Read More

Campus Connection: Student Success Work Group

The Student Success Work Group (SSWG) both surveyed and conducted focus groups and interviews with students, with the goal of improving the UWM student experience. The group’s May 2019 report resulted from their identification of emerging themes in the data,… Read More

Campus Connection: Remember Some Students are Intimidated by Instructors

Many students might feel intimidated by their instructors and by the dizzying array of offices and processes they have to navigate at UWM. As a result, many advisors report that they coach students to help them deal with their fear… Read More

Campus Connection: Remind Students of Resources

We know from surveys and focus groups that many UWM students are not aware of all of the resources available to them, and that some others find the array of potential resources confusing. One answer is to improve how we… Read More