Data of the Week: The New Freshmen Retention and Graduation Dashboard

The New Freshmen Retention and Graduation dashboard is one of the interactive resources developed by UWM’s Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (OAIR). The key question that the dashboard can address for all students or for students in specific schools/colleges: What factors might align with student success, and what do those factors suggest about where we… Read More

Data of the Week: Student Survey

Last week the Student Success Center emailed a survey to all students at our three campuses. We’ve had 985 students respond, for a response rate of around 4%.  Students were asked about their experiences with academic coursework, campus resources, and campus communications, as well as their life circumstances and… Read More

Data of the Week: Student Survey

This week, we launched a “pulse” survey to see how students are feeling about their UWM experiences in this new reality. We have only been collecting responses for a little more than a day, but some trends do seem to… Read More

Data of the Week: The Re-Enrollment Dashboard

COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges for student success and retention. Taking action to ensure students re-enroll at UWM in Fall 2020 is a major emphasis. The re-enrollment dashboard is one of many interactive resources developed by UWM’s Office of Assessment and… Read More

Data of the Week: Using Canvas to Track Student Progress

Now that online teaching is in full swing, we need to make sure students stay engaged and make progress. One key tool at your disposal is Canvas itself, because it allows you to see if a student has been on… Read More

Data of the Week: Your UWM Data Options

  Over the next several weeks, we will feature data that are freely and publicly available to you. This week, we provide a sample of interactive resources from UWM’s Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (OAIR) that contain a variety… Read More

Data of the Week: Who Are Our Students?

Knowing our UWM students is central when teachers and programs make instructional and curricular decisions that can impact retention and graduation. As it stands, only 44.1% of students graduate in six years.  While this is comparable to many other urban… Read More

Data of the Week: Average Credits to Degree

“Credits to Degree” is the number of credits a student has earned at graduation. In most majors, a student who graduates on time with a four-year bachelor’s degree has to complete 120 credits. However, as the table below shows, on… Read More

Data of the Week: DFW Rates

A “DFW” rate for a course is the percentage of students who receive a D, receive an F, or withdraw. We expect our courses to have academic rigor, and certain courses may have higher-than-average DFW rates because of the challenging… Read More

Data of the Week: % of students completing at least 30 credits in year one

Following the lead of UW System’s “15 to Finish” initiative, UWM encourages freshman students to complete 30 credits by the end of their first full year in school (including summer and WinterIM). Research shows students who complete 30 credits in… Read More