Success Strategy: Engaging Students and Building Community in Online Teaching

As we get ready to teach online through the end of the semester, our students can benefit from strategies designed to promote engagement and build community. As a start, consult CETL’s resources on moving your course online along with the… Read More

Campus Connection: Students are Navigating Substantial Personal Change

The Chancellor’s Student Success Work Group had four key findings, and earlier we discussed human connections and making connections with support opportunities. This time, we highlight their focus on the “substantial personal change” that our students are navigating. First year… Read More

Data of the Week: Your UWM Data Options

  Over the next several weeks, we will feature data that are freely and publicly available to you. This week, we provide a sample of interactive resources from UWM’s Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (OAIR) that contain a variety… Read More

Data of the Week: Who Are Our Students?

Knowing our UWM students is central when teachers and programs make instructional and curricular decisions that can impact retention and graduation. As it stands, only 44.1% of students graduate in six years.  While this is comparable to many other urban… Read More

Success Strategy: Academic Service Learning

UWM has a long history of strong ties to the City of Milwaukee, as demonstrated by our Carnegie Designation for Community Engagement. One of the ways UWM faculty and teaching staff can connect to this part of the UWM identity… Read More

Campus Connection: Making Connections with Support Opportunities

The Chancellor’s Student Success Work Group had four key findings; last week we provided an overview of the desire students expressed for more human connections. This week we focus on resources: “Students too often noted that even when they knew… Read More

Data of the Week: Average Credits to Degree

“Credits to Degree” is the number of credits a student has earned at graduation. In most majors, a student who graduates on time with a four-year bachelor’s degree has to complete 120 credits. However, as the table below shows, on… Read More

Campus Connection: Human Connections

“Students want and need better human connections: An umbrella theme is that students desire and recognize a benefit from connections made with faculty, staff, older students, and peers.” Student Success Working Group, May 2019 Many students who participated in focus… Read More

Success Strategy: Adopt an Open Textbook

Something to consider as you start to think about summer and fall teaching: Expensive textbooks can be a significant barrier to student success. Seven out of 10 students report not purchasing required textbooks, and 60% of students delay purchasing them… Read More

Data of the Week: DFW Rates

A “DFW” rate for a course is the percentage of students who receive a D, receive an F, or withdraw. We expect our courses to have academic rigor, and certain courses may have higher-than-average DFW rates because of the challenging… Read More