Assessment Resources

The following is a list of resources created to assist UWM faculty and staff with designing and implementing effective assessment plans for their programs.  If you have questions, or suggestions for resources that should be added to this list, please contact Adam Andrews at

Assessment Guides

Information about Assessment for New Chairs and Directors
An onboarding document explaining department and program responsibilities for assessment for faculty or academic staff rotating into new leadership roles.

QuickGuide: Undergraduate Assessment
A short overview of the most essential concepts for undergraduate program assessment.

QuickGuide:Graduate Assessment
A short overview of the most essential concepts for graduate program assessment.

A Guide to Program Assessment: Best Practices for Designing Effective Assessment Plans
A comprehensive handbook for both undergraduate and graduate program assessment at UWM.

Guidelines for Effective Program Learning Outcomes
A handout explaining how to write effective Program Learning Outcomes.

Evaluating an Assessment Plan

Program Assessment Review Form
Designed to provide feedback to programs about their assessment practices in light of both accreditation requirements and best practices, this form can be used by programs as a guide in evaluating or revising their own assessment plans.

Assessment in Canvas

Canvas has tools that can help departments streamline how they do assessment. Departments can set up program-level outcomes and rubrics that can be imported into individual courses.  Resulting data linked to program outcomes can be centrally downloaded from participating courses by a department administrator.

Canvas: Creating Outcomes at the Account Level for Program Assessment (Knowledgebase article)

Video Tutorial:  Creating Shared Outcomes and Rubrics

Canvas:  Downloading Assessment Data from Canvas (Outcomes Managers)

Canvas Handouts for Instructors: 

Canvas: Using Department or Program level Rubrics in My Course (Knowledgebase article)

Video Tutorial:  Importing Rubrics into your Canvas Course


These examples of direct and indirect assessment tools and strategies are shared, with permission, from departments and programs at UWM.  They are accessible through Sharepoint, and require that users be logged in to view.


English Graduate Program Rubrics

Sustainable Peacebuilding Rubrics

Art History Capstone Rubric

Embedded Assessment Strategies

Industrial Engineering Assessment Report

Qualitative Assessment Strategies

Qualitative Assessment Strategies

Indirect Assessment Tools

English Department Exit Survey

School of Education Exit Survey

Art History Exit Survey

Templates, Handouts, and other Useful Documents

Undergraduate Assessment Plan Template

Example UG Assessment Plan

Graduate Assessment Plan Template

Example Grad Assessment Plan

Action Plan Template

Equity and Assessment

Departmental Data and Equity: Disaggregating Data

UWM Assessment Survey

UWM Assessment Survey Results 2019

UWS Shared Learning Goals Report

UW System Shared Learning Goals Assessment Report for UW-Milwaukee AY 2018–19 to AY 2020–21