Assessment of General Education

UWM’s General Education requirements and policy are set by the Academic Program and Curriculum Committee.  This page contains resources to help faculty, instructional staff, and departments meet expectations for the assessment of general education courses.

UWM General Education Learning Outcomes

The APCC has adopted the UW System Shared Learning Goals for general education at UWM.  In addition to these, each general education distribution area (the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Cultural Diversity) has it’s own Divisional Learning Outcomes.

GER Assessment Resources

Guide for Departments: GER Assessment

An overview for department chairs and program directors of GER assessment requirements, and options for meeting them.

Guide for Instructors: GER Assessment

An overview of GER assessment processes for faculty, GTAs, or instructional staff teaching courses with general education credit.

GER Assessment Best Practices

A handout explaining accreditation assessment requirements for GER courses, the characteristics of good assessment practice, and examples of GER assessment data.

Reporting GER Assessment Data

Academic Affairs has implemented a standardized process for collecting and storing GER assessment data. Individual faculty or instructors teaching GER courses can submit assessment data below at the end of each course, or a program coordinator or authorized representative from a department can submit GER assessment data for multiple courses or sections at once.  This form also allows departments to submit supporting documents related to GER assessment such as rubrics, meeting minutes where assessment data was discussed, or departmental assessment reports.

Submit GER Assessment Data (Qualtrics form)

This form is for submitting Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, or Cultural Diversity GER assessment data, or data for other UWS Shared System Goals collected from general education courses. It will ask you to login with your ePanther ID and password to access the form.

If you would like a preview, to see what information you need, this powerpoint walks you through the form.

OWC-B Assessment

A group of UWM faculty created a standard OWC-B rubric that can be adopted (or adapted) for use by faculty, GTAs, or instructional staff teaching courses that satisfy the Oral and Written Communication, part B general education requirement.  The form below should be used to report OWC-B assessment data.

Submit OWC-B Assessment Data (Qualtrics form)

Using the OWC-B Rubric in Canvas (.pdf)

Using the OWC-B Rubric in Canvas (video tutorial)

Additional Information about OWC-B Assessment

Other Resources

Rubrics for UWS Shared Learning Goals (from UWM’s College of General Studies)

Using GER Rubrics in Canvas

Qualitative Assessment Strategies

AAC&U Value Rubrics

Example Cultural Diversity Syllabus Language

Example Humanities Syllabus Language

Example Natural Science Syllabus Language

Example Social Science Syllabus Language

Example QL Part B Syllabus Language

Example GER Assessment Report (Qualtrics form)

Example GER Assessment Report (departmental report)