Share the Earth Environmental Film Series

The Share the Earth Environmental Film Series has been taking place monthly in the UWM Union Cinema for almost 20 years. These films speak to a wide range of environmental topics and connect audiences to student organizations, community activists and other experts in Milwaukee who work on these issues.


Sitabaomba, Where Zebus Speak French | Wednesday, February 21, 7pm 

Ly, a peasant from Madagascar’s capital who lives in Sitabaomba, a heartland torn apart by two presidents, the army and foreign investors, struggles to save the land and the people’s soul with intergenerational traditional storytelling tools. Co-presented with the Festival of Films in French. 

(Nantenaina Lova, France/Madagascar/Germany/Burkina Faso, Malagasy & French w/ Eng Subs, 103 min, 2023, Digital) 

Deep Rising I Wednesday, March 13, 6pm 

An up-to-the-minute tale of geopolitical, scientific, and corporate intrigue that exposes the machinations of a secretive organization empowered to green light massive extraction of metals from the deep seafloor that are deemed essential to the electric battery revolution. Executive-produced and narrated by Jason Momoa, Deep Rising illuminates the vital relationship between the deep ocean and sustaining life on Earth. The documentary also follows mining startup The Metals Company, as it pursues funding, public favor, and permission from the International Seabed Authority to mine wide swathes of the Pacific Ocean floor. Cosponsored by the Conservation Club and For People and Planet with support from Anguil Environmental Systems

(Matthieu Rytz, USA, English, 93 min, 2023, DVD) 

Regenerating Life: How to Cool the Planet, Feed the World, and Live Happily Ever After I Monday, April 22, 6pm 

At the prospect of the rapidly approaching “point-of-no-return” in our climate crisis, humanity seems stuck between a sense of panic and apathy. Concrete, asphalt, and dead soil take the place of once biodiverse landscapes that regulated and balanced our climate. But it’s not too late to turn back—take it from the folks fighting to regenerate life one forest, field, and ocean at a time. This film provides a rejuvenating, solution-oriented perspective on the climate crisis, reminding us that Earth can heal itself—if we let it. Regenerating Life celebrates the farmers, scientists, and activists searching for tangible and practical ways to restore our biosphere. Followed by a post-film discussion. Cosponsored by the Conservation Club.

(John Feldman, USA, English, 137 min, 2023, Digital) 

Fashion Reimagined | Wednesday, May 8, 6pm

The daughter of environmental activists who raised her on a remote eco-friendly homestead, Mother of Pearl designer Amy Powney has always felt out of place in the fashion world. Fashion Reimaginedfollows Powney’s trajectory from outsider to industry leader as she sets out to create a collection that’s ethical and sustainable at every level, from fiber to finished garment. Powney’s journey will take her from idyllic Uruguayan sheep pastures to an Austrian garment factory powered by steam, exposing the mind-boggling complexity and waste of the global supply chain at every turn. Cosponsored by the Conservation Club.

(Becky Hutner, UK, USA, English, 100 min 2022, Digital) 

Past Films

Fall 2023

Hollow Tree I Wed. September 20, 6PM

Powerlands I Wed. October 25, 6PM

To the End I November 15, 6PM

Beasts of the Southern Wild I Wed. December 13, 6PM

Spring 2023

Aza Kivy (Morning Star) I Wed. February 22, 7PM

Racing Extinction I Wed. March 15, 6PM

RiverBlue I Wed. April 26, 6PM

Fall 2022

Exposure I Wed. September 28, 7:30PM

Costa Brava, Lebanon I Wed. October 19, 7:30PM

Taming the Garden I Wed. November 16, 7:30PM

Spring 2022

Marcher sur l’eau (Above Water) I Wed. February 16, 7PM

Wild and Scenic Film Festival I Thur. February 24, 7PM

Inhabitants I Wed. March 16, 6PM

The True Cost I Wed. April 20, 6PM (Location: Union Fireside Lounge)

Breaking Trail I Thur. May 5, 6PM (Location: Union Fireside Lounge)

Fall 2021

2040 I Wed. September 15, 6PM

Youth v Gov I Wed. October 27, 6PM

Cooked: Survival by Zip Code I Wed. November 10, 6PM

Spring 2021

After Winter, Spring I February 17-19 (Virtual)

The People vs Agent Orange I March 28-30 (Virtual)

Fall 2020

The River and the Wall I September 16-18 (Virtual)

The Condor and the Eagle I November 11-25 (Virtual)

Spring 2020

Youth Unstoppable I Wed. January 29, 6PM

A Modern Shepherdess I Wed. February 19, 7PM

CANCELLED – Dark Waters I Wed. March 25, 6PM

CANCELLED – Mossville: When Great Trees Fall I April 15, 6PM

Fall 2019

WALL-E | Wed. December 11, 6PM

Once Was Water | Wed. November 20, 6PM

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch |Wed. September 25, 7PM

Thank You for the Rain I Wed. October 23, 7PM

Spring 2019

The Martian | Mon. February 11th, 6PM.

Modified | Wed. February 20, 6PM.

Food Chains: A Revolution in America’s Fields | Wed. March 13, 6PM.

The Exploration Film Tour presented by NOLS | Wed. April 17, 6PM

Fall 2018

Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution | Wed. September 19, 7PM

4 Wheel Bob | Wed. October 17, 7PM.

Wasted!: The Story of Food Waste | Wed. Nov. 7, 6PM

The Chocolate Case | Wed. Dec. 5, 6PM

Spring 2018 Films:

An Inconvenient Sequel | Wed. January 31st, 7PM

Ice & Sky | Wed. Feb. 21st, 7PM

From the Ashes | Wed. Mar. 14th, 7PM

The Future of Energy | Wed. Apr. 18th, 7PM

For more information on all screenings in the Union, please see the Union Cinema Calendar.