27th Annual UWM Festival of Films in French

February 16–25, 2024

FREE film showing on MAY 2, at 5pm in Curtin Hall 175

Une des mille collines / One of the Thousand Hills

2023 Belgian film (80 min – subtitled in English)
by documentarist Bernard Bellefroid
Thursday May 2, 2024
5pm-7pm in Curtin Hall 175

A Commemoration
during the 30th anniversary
of the genocide of Tutsi in Rwanda
(April-July 1994)


“Their names: Fiacre, Fidéline, and Olivier. They were 4, 5 and 9 years old. They did not know that in the world that they came into, to be born was already a crime. To be born Tutsi. Everyone knew them. And it was in broad daylight, and before the whole village, that their all too short life ended in the spring of 1994. This film is their story. The story of three children in the name of all the others. The story of one of the hills in the name of all the hills. To the last days of these children are woven 3 sets of time: the memory of the genocide, the 2005 Gacaca proceedings, and the resilience of the village of Mushirarungu where those who exterminated and those who loved are living together once again. The film seeks to approach a truth, to restore their existence and the story of one hill for all the hills.”