The 27th Annual Festival of Films in French
February 16-25, 2024

All films are in French and other languages with subtitles in English.


Friday, February 16
6:45PM – Je verrai toujours vos visages (All Your Faces)
9:30PM – Houria

Saturday, February 17
4PM – Serre-moi fort (Hold Me Tight)
6PM – Revoir Paris (Paris Memories)
8:30PM – La gravité (The Gravity)

Sunday, February 18
3PM – Dounia et la princesse d’Alep (Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo)
5PM – Quand tu seras grand (Big Kids)
7:30PM – Le lycéen (Winter Boy)

Monday, February 19
7PM – Claude McKay, de Harlem à Marseille (Claude McKay, from Harlem to Marseille)

Tuesday, February 20
7PM – Le lion des Mogols (The Lion of the Mogols)

Wednesday, February 21
7PM – Sitabaomba, chez les zébus francophones (Sitabaomba, Where Zebus Speak French)

Thursday, February 22
7PM – Toni

Friday, February 23
7PM – Au cimetière de la pellicule (The Cemetery of Cinema)
9PM – Colette & Justin

Saturday, February 24
4PM – Cette maison (This House)
6PM – Les jours heureux (Days of Happiness)
8:30PM – Solo

Sunday, February 25
3PM – Nina et le secret du hérisson (Nina and the Hedgehog’s Secret)
5PM – Ru
7:30PM – Chocolat