Special Services

*New for Fall semester 2021*

Large format artisan quality prints. The Craft Centre is now offering printing service for large format (up to 20”x24”) artisan quality prints and photographs. Please contact us for details and pricing information (craftctr@uwm.edu or 414-229-5535).  


Space Reservations

Due to social distancing guidelines, we aren’t offering Space Reservations for Student Orgs or Groups this semester.

Screen Prep Service 

Interested in screen printing t-shirts with you student org or department? We offer preparation of your screen, as well as the ability for you to learn how to prep the screen yourself. You can also buy screen printing fabric ink and t-shirts from us.

What we need to begin screen prep process:

  • 2 weeks advance notice
  • A high resolution PDF (300 DPI) or a vector file saved as a PDF
  • Are you borrowing or buying a screen?
    • What date do you need the screen by?
    • What size would you like your final image?
  • Payment Method

Individuals/Student Orgs: $30 + $7.00 for each 8oz ink, purchased separately
University Departments: $50 + $7.00 for each 8oz ink, purchased separately

Additional supplies/services available:

Fabric Screen-printing ink (8 oz) $7.00/jar
New Screen $24.00
Used Screen Varies
1 Hour demo/Print Session with our Print Lead $15.00/hour

Email craftctr@uwm.edu for more details/to schedule screen prep.

Special Firing Service

The SACC provides special firing services for both bisque ware and glazed work. We have three top loading electric barrel kilns with a 7 – 9.9 cubic ft. capacity and need 2 weeks advanced notice to schedule a firing.

Special Firings cost $35.00 + tax per firing. Email craftctr@uwm.edu for more details or to schedule a firing.

Locker Rental 

We provide lockers for members that would like to store supplies in the Craft Centre. Rental is on a per semester basis.


  • Small $5
  • Medium $10
  • Large $15

Stop into the Craft Centre, Union EG30, just east of the ground level ATMs, to rent a locker.