Spoken by 125 million people, Japanese is a fascinating language with a strong history and dynamic culture. At UWM’s School of Continuing Education, you’ll find the courses you need to be successful in speaking, writing and reading Japanese. There are a variety of levels (up to XII) and several elective courses to further expand your knowledge.

Join other motivated students on this exciting journey as you learn the hiragana and katakana syllabaries in addition to grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. Each are taught by expert instructors who have a passion for lifelong learning.

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Yoko Kawamura UWM-SCE Language Programs

Intermediate Japanese

6 Wed, Sept 4-Oct 9

6 Wednesdays, Oct. 30-Dec. 11 (no class 11/27)

Japanese I

6 Mon, Sept 9-Oct 14

6 Tue, Jan 14-Feb 18, 2020

Japanese II

6 Mon, Nov 4-Dec 9

Japanese III

6 Tue, Sept 3-Oct 8

Japanese IV

6 Tuesdays, Oct. 29-Dec. 10 (no class 11/26)

Japanese IX

6 Thu, Sept 5-Oct 10

Japanese V

6 Tue, Sept 3-Oct 8

Japanese VI

6 Tuesdays, Oct 29-Dec 10 (no class 11/26)

Japanese X

6 Thursdays, Oct. 31-Dec. 12 (no class 11/28)