Everything about Italian culture is bellissimo – beautiful. From film to food, art to architecture, there’s a reason why 85 million people speak this Romance language.

Whether you’re planning a trip or have always wanted to learn a new language, you can’t go wrong with Italian. At UWM School of Continuing Education, you’ll build your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

You’ll find five different course levels in addition to specific classes, including conversation, travel and opera. If you’re looking for customized Italian tutoring, you’ll find that, too.

To register or find details on individual courses, select the course title below.

Intro to Italian I

4 Tue, Aug 8-29, 2023 In-person

Intro to Italian II

4 Tue, Sept 12-Oct 3, 2023 In-person

Italian I

On-Demand Online

Italian II

On-Demand Online

Italian III

On-Demand Online

Italian IV

On-Demand Online

Italian V

On-Demand Online


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