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Intro to Italian

Gain an understanding of the Italian language and culture in this intro course. Focus on essential words and phrases that serve as a guide toward understanding Italians. There is more to a culture than its language, food, customs and general lifestyle; there is ingrained thinking that influences everyday life. Learn linguistic, historical, political and cultural knowledge.

Required Textbook:
“Learn Italian Fast and Fun,” Fourth Edition, by Marcel Danesi & Heywood Wald
ISBN: 978-1438074962
*CD not required


Mari Maldonado

Mari Maldonado

Mari has a passion for travel and has had the pleasure of traveling to Europe and Italy several times, including two study abroad trips to Rome. Mari earned her MBA from Mount Mary University and holds a B.A. in Business ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the traditions and culture in Italy.
  • Participate in simple conversations about everyday topics (e.g., weather, meeting new people, school, shopping, etc.).
  • Demonstrate and practice basic vocabulary.
  • Gain confidence in speaking and reading in Italian.


"I learned a lot more than I thought I would about Italy… not just the language. The instructor provided us with extremely valuable information that will make our first (and hopefully not last) trip to Italy a memorable one."  —  Mary Beth

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