American Sign Language

Discover the rich world of American Sign Language (ASL) at the UWM School of Continuing Education, where our courses offer more than just learning signs. ASL is a vibrant language complete with its own grammar, syntax and nuanced terminology, making it a fascinating linguistic journey for everyone.

ASL is a language that transcends barriers, relying on visual cues such as eye contact, facial expressions and body movements for effective communication. Our program celebrates this aspect, providing a platform where hearing individuals can learn ASL while gaining insight into and appreciation for deaf culture.

Whether you’re starting your ASL journey or seeking to deepen your skills, there’s a perfect level for you. Join us in embracing the beauty and intricacies of ASL communication and the vibrant world of the deaf community.

Our ASL course curriculum is designed for adult learners who are hearing capable. Additional outside resources for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing can be found through the WI Department of Health Services Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing or the National Association of the Deaf.

To register or find details on individual courses, select the course title below.

American Sign Language I

6 Tue, June 18-July 30, 2024 Live Online

6 Tue, Sept 10-Oct 15, 2024 Live Online

6 Tue, Jan 14-Feb 28, 2025 Live Online

American Sign Language II

6 Tue, Oct 22-Dec 10, 2024 Live Online


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