Sue Bronson, MS

Sue Bronson is a private practice mediator, trainer and psychotherapist who has been mediating family and workplace disputes in Milwaukee, WI, since 1983. Bronson has nearly 40 years of mediation experience and helps people engage in quality conversations over a range of subjects including parenting plans (custody and placement), divorce (property division and financial responsibility), older families (adults and elder concerns), work disputes, teamwork and conflict prevention. She teaches mediation at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education and eldercaring coordination across the country at State Supreme Courts and other universities and training facilities.

Bronson is a past chair of the Association for Conflict Resolution Family Section and the Elder Section, a former board member of the Academy of Family Mediators and a charter member of the Wisconsin Association of Mediators. She is the lead author of “Self-Assessment Tool for Mediators,” translated into French, Spanish and Dutch, and has co-authored many articles on eldercaring coordination. Bronson actively promotes quality services through training, reflection and consultation.

Mediation Perspective: Mediation is a facilitated discussion on important issues, helping people resolve problems voluntarily. By sharing facts and dilemmas that each person faces, the result is more informed decisions and better relationships. Through mediation, there are numerous opportunities to improve communication and support a range of choices to meet everyone’s needs. In addition to written agreements, after mediation people often say they feel more confident, clear and have a better understanding of another’s perspective.


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