Brian Artka

Brian tells the stories about the people behind the businesses with films that connect on a human level.

Armed with a keen sense of observation and any kind of video camera, Brian cinematically captures life with moving images and sound. He puts a frame around the world. Brian has worked with dozens of non-profit organizations, colleges and local businesses. He is constantly learning and updating his craft to make the best possible stories for his clients.

Over the past 20 years Brian has filmed and told many stories, from a documentary featured on PBS, to a short story about a child with cystic fibrosis for Make-A-Wish Wisconsin. He tells stories about real people. He digs deep to grab the raw emotion of people which helps them connect with others. He listens first, then tells the story that will best connect with the subject’s audience.

“There is something to be said about capturing someone’s story with moving images and sound that cannot be beat by any other medium. By creating short and mini-documentaries for my clients, I feel I am connecting them with their potential customers and clients on a level above what text or a photograph can solely do.”


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