Google Tag Manager

Are you excited about the arrival of Google Analytics 4.0? Worried? Rethinking your analytics strategy? On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics by Google will stop processing data and replace it with GA4. Now is the time to learn about the role of Google Tag Manager in the data you collect through GA4.

This course introduces you to how Google Tag Manager works on a website to give you the data you need to evaluate your marketing tactics. Whether you are the whole marketing department for your small business or part of a large marketing team with front-end website developers, this course helps you become familiar with the Google Tag Manager user interface. You learn how to build and manage custom tags, media pixels and data solutions for your website. And for those interested in taking Google Analytics to the next level, you will be introduced to the new Server-Side Tagging feature.

This course can be applied to the Digital Marketing Certificate.

Who Should Attend

This course is for marketing and business professionals who want to improve analytics but have little or no experience with Google Tag Manager.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • What is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?
    • Explore Google’s tag management platform, its specific functions and an overview of common use cases
    • Become familiar with the role of GTM with Google Analytics 4.0
  • Get started with GTM
    • Learn step-by-step how to implement GTM on your website
  • The building blocks of GTM
    • Learn the core functionality and features of GTM and how they’re used in both simple and complex cases
  • Building in GTM
    • Apply learnings from the chapter above in order to build your own tags
  • Previewing & QA Tags
    • Learn how to test your tags before publishing live
  • Measuring impact
    • Learn how to access data from your newly created tags in various reporting platforms


"I thought this was a well organized and helpful course for anyone [wanting to learn] more about Google Tag Manager. Anthony is a great instructor [who] took time to answer questions."  —  Manoj Swearingen, Reflector, Spring 2022

"I found Anthony to be a great instructor. He was not only clearly knowledgeable, but also took time to help us learn GTM step by step, which was great."  —  Participant, Spring 2022

Dates and locations to be announced.


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