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Advanced Spanish Language Certificate

Taking the time to learn and internalize an additional language can significantly increase career opportunities. As the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish is a valuable tool in many professional settings. The Advanced Spanish Language Certificate moves beyond the basics of Spanish and delves deeper to pursue the ultimate goal of achieving fluency. It’s offered online or in-person and includes courses taught entirely in Spanish. Through our advanced program, strengthen your conversational skills and improve your comfort with the Spanish language.

Learning Outcomes

  • Read and discuss popular Spanish literary works
  • Analyze different speech patterns as spoken by native Spanish speakers
  • Contrast the differences between Spanish verb tenses
  • Complete exercises intended to test Spanish reading, writing and speaking skills
  • Participate in Spanish conversations with classmates to extend your range of comfort
  • Complete an oral proficiency interview by computer (OPIc) and receive an oral proficiency rating


To get started, enroll in one of our recommended online or face-to-face courses, Imagina I or Spanish Conversation I. Earn the certificate by completing a minimum of 4 of the 8 intermediate to advanced courses plus an OPIc.

Online course formats include live, course-paced, combined or on-demand. Blended courses offer both face-to-face and online components. View the session information on course pages for details.

CORE COURSESSummerFallSpringPrice
Advanced Spanish Conversation

7/21-8/25 Live Online

Imagina I
Recommended first course

9/9-10/14 Live Online

1/25-3/1/2021 Live Online

Imagina II

11/4-12/16 Live Online

3/15-4/19/2021 Live Online

Imagina III

5/3-6/14/2021 Live Online

Imagina IV

7/20-8/24 Live Online

Spanish Conversation I

10/28-12/9 Live Online

Spanish Conversation II

7/22-8/26 Live Online

Spanish Conversation III

9/9-10/14 Live Online


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