Paint Like an Egyptian 2014

Using ancient techniques as much as possible, students in Associate Lecturer Jocelyn Boor’s ARTHIST 315: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt constructed paintbrushes, ground natural pigments, drew a square grid, and recreated ancient Egyptian tomb paintings on papyrus.

“The project was a big challenge for me, but in the end, I was quite proud of the resulting product.” — Stacey Schmiesing (Art History graduate student; whose working method included Mello Yellow as a substitute for beer)

“We understand that the cost (of the pigments) doesn’t really translate into Ancient Egyptian value, but we would like to make a bold assumption and say that we are owed one and a half loaves of bread, two vessels of beer, and one granodiorite statue for our funerary temple. Overall, it was an interesting and fun project to work on.” — Tyler Evans and Katy DeZellar (Art History minor)

(Tyler and Katy have been referred to Tutankhamun for the bread, beer, and statue. No information is available on the progress of their funerary temple.)

L to R: Tyler Evans teamed with Katy DeZellar (not pictured) and Stacey Schmiesing with their recreations of the Geese of Meidum.