Hostile Terrains Exhibit Now Open

Thursday, September 30 2021 - Thursday, February 10 2022

Emile H. Mathis Gallery, Mitchell Hall, UWM

Please join us for the Hostile Terrains exhibition at the Emile H. Mathis Art Gallery, Mitchell Hall room 170. The exhibition will run through February 24, 2022.

Hostile Terrains visually explores the intersection of landscape, policy, and violence in Milwaukee and at the US-Mexico border. This participatory and interdisciplinary exhibition includes installations by faculty, staff, and students from several departments. They examine the experiences of African Americans, Native People, Women, the Covid Pandemic, and immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere as relating to policy, place, and justice.

You, as a visitor, can directly contribute to the centerpiece, Hostile Terrain 94 (designed by Jason De León/UCLA), by completing toe tags that are hung in the exhibit. More information on that installation can be found here.

To contribute to Hostile Terrain 94, visit the Mathis Gallery between 10am and 4pm Monday-Thursday or make an appointment by emailing Toe tags can also be completed during in-class sessions by appointment and then added to the exhibit.

Masks are required to enter the Gallery.

Take a look at the exhibit website here for more information!