Certificate Programs

Certificate in Asian Studies

The Certificate in Asian Studies has two forms: one that includes language study, another that does not. Language study, however, greatly deepens the student’s knowledge and capacities in Asian studies, and so the distinction is meaningful. Both forms of this certificate are designed for students majoring in any field in the University who wish to complement their majors with an additional concentration in Asian Studies.

The program is open to all degree-seeking undergraduates at UWM and to individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree. The program coordinator interviews interested students to ascertain the appropriateness of the program to their academic goals and to inform them of program requirements.

The following Art History courses have been approved for the certificate:

  • ArtHist 105 – Asian Art and Architecture
  • ArtHist 308 – Film Styles: “Asian Cinema and Spiritual Practices” (subtitle)
  • ArtHist 382 – Chinese Art and Architecture
  • ArtHist 383 – Japanese Art and Architecture
  • ArtHist 480 – Chinese Painting
  • ArtHist 481 – Topics in Chinese Art: (subtitle)

Certificate in Middle Eastern and North African Studies

The Certificate in Middle Eastern and North African Studies program offers students a background the region’s languages, cultures, history, and civilization. The program requires one year of Arabic or Hebrew language courses and a historical survey course. Upper-level courses offer students the opportunity to explore Middle Eastern literature, history, politics, religion, and art in greater depth. Courses totaling 23 credits must be completed with a GPA of 2.75 or better. At least one half of the work for the certificate must be taken at UWM. The Committee for Middle Eastern and North African Studies administers the program and advises students.

In addition to taking courses related to the Middle East and North Africa, students have opportunities to meet and study with Middle Eastern scholars who regularly visit UWM through a number of institutional partnerships with Middle Eastern universities. Students also may take advantage of study abroad programs that offer credit for academic work in the Middle East and North Africa.

The following Art History courses have been approved for the certificate:

  • ArtHist 315 – Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
  • ArtHist 324 – Art and Architecture of Byzantium
  • ArtHist 326 – Heretics and Iconoclasts: Art and Architecture of the Christian East
  • ArtHist 327 – The Arts of Islam
  • ArtHist 435 – Art and Architecture Along the Western Silk Road