Minor in Art History

Many students find that a minor in art history is a useful addition to another major in disciplines like art and design, art education, architecture, literature, history, religious studies, or classics. In particular, students interested in art historical careers will find that combinations such as art and art history are especially valued by employers.

Perhaps you just have a passion for art history but don’t intend to pursue an art historical career. We also have students majoring in the sciences, different languages, and other humanities-based programs who choose an art history minor simply to learn more and explore their varied interests.

Students must have completed 45 degree credits prior to declaring a minor in Art History; and students are encouraged to declare before the completion of 75 credits.

Minor Requirements Form
To declare your minor, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Michael Aschenbrenner (aschenb3@uwm.edu) or visit Mitchell Hall 151 to fill out the necessary forms.